We, Lunters, are passionate about vision and craft. We are methodical, practical and understand how to create positive business impact through product strategy and design.

Our team is comprised of talented strategists, researchers and designers.
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our vision

Product design is at the heart of any successful business

We like to think we have a different approach to product design, one which is not at the end of a product creation funnel, but rather, at the center of it.

We believe that creating real long-lasting value is achieved spending more time understanding / experimenting / iterating than pushing pretty pixels.

Our superpowers

We pursue business impact on every step of the process

We are lean and deliver results 2x faster

We deliver prime level digital product quality

We are also


We make decisions based on quantitative and qualitative data to ensure your product is answering the right customer needs.


We focus on creating great user experiences that increase the perceivable value of the product for end users.


We have experience engaging with teams worldwide using collaboration tools to extract the most valuable workflow.

Starting your next project with Lunte Studio

1. Introductory call

You tell us about your company needs, team and projects. We’ll share more details about our areas of expertise.

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2. Project estimation

We’ll analyze what’s the best product design framework for your project and share an time and cost estimation for your consideration.

3. Project Kick-off

We’ll run a workshop to get us aligned and start the project.

We will share a Slack channel to keep communication and collaboration flowing.