Why Product-led growth matters for digital services

Simply put, because it’s scalable and cheaper. Product-led growth is how the biggest products of our time have grown so large so quickly. It’s also how new products will win in the future.

People are shifting the way they use and buy digital experiences
Yesterday’s most exceptional product experiences are no longer exciting—they’re expected.
Users expect Personalization
52% of B2C customers would actually switch brands if they weren’t getting a personalized experience.
First impressions matter more than ever
Only 24.6% of users revisit apps one day after download, by day 30, this percentage drops to just 5.7%
Buyers want to self-educate
75% of B2B buyers now say they’d rather buy through an app or website, rather than a salesperson
so, what is it?

Product-led growth (PLG) is an end user-focused growth model that relies on the product itself as the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion.

Product at the core

The center of power has shifted from the buyer to the end user. And the consumerization of software means that end users now demand better experiences from the tools they use.

Any company can adopt PLG principles to improve user experiences and increase go-to-market efficiency.

Hi, loops. Bye, funnels.

Companies with a PLG strategy are able to grow faster and more efficiently by leveraging their products to create a pipeline of active users who are then converted into paying customers.

PLG aims to rapidly expand the number of engaged users by creating growth loops which makes the product grow exponentially.

Today, top companies are rethinking their approach to sales, marketing, and service in an effort to meet today’s user expectations and deliver high-quality, self-service touchpoint at scale through the product itself.

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