Growth Station

Proof of Concept
In short
Broadridge’s Innovation Team saw an opportunity to expand its wealth management market.

They approached us to help them quickly validate a proof of concept so that they could reach prospects and assess if it was worth investing on this bet.
What we did
Ideation workshop
UX / UI design
Art direction

Kick off

We started by holding a remote Experience Mapping Session. Our Product team, alongside different stakeholders, was able to understand the problem, identify the primary functional and emotional needs behind the matter, and devised the people affected by this issue.

Framing the problem

Financial advisors have a wide array of clients with their own specific needs and goals, but limited time and scarce resources to reach them out.While they need to spend countless hours supervising existing operations, they also strive for gathering new assets and converting prospects into new customers, with many efforts resulting inefficient or unsuccessful.Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic and the inevitable emergence of digitalization made most traditional networking methods obsolete.

Defining the product

Once we had stated the problem, we run an User Story mapping session, aiming to outline the main touchpoints of the service (from general activities to specific details). Ultimately, we were able to translate user values into tangible features addressing previously defined needs.

Design approach

Focus on the user

We devised a detailed Profile page so financial advisors can survey different aspects of their customers, prospects, and leads.From investable assets to engagement level, they get a quick overview of everything they need to know.


By introducing automation and custom workflows, we gave financial advisors a valuable tool to efficiently manage their time, offer personalized advice, and engage with customers, prospects, and leads.


We made integrations a key part of the concept, allowing financial advisors to create endless possibilities to reach out customers, obtain and enrich data, and manage assets.

As a result of this concept, the team had a new tool to facilitate internal buy-in from the company C-level take on this new project. Sales team at Broadridge are using the prototype to start pitching to financial advisors.

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