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Lunte Studio is an indie design team
partners with innovative early-stage startups to help them fulfill their product vision though close and continued collaboration.

Selected work
An all-in-one
early-stage solution
Lunte Studio offers a unique mix of benefits specially tailored to founding product teams. The exclusivity of a full-time designer plus a design team backstage.
Product design
UX / UI design
Web design
App design
A product design expert
fully embedded in your company
Include one of our lead designers to work exclusively for your team. They will fit your team’s existing calendar, processes, and tools, just like a full-time in-house hire.
A multi-talented team
for extra design support
More heads think better than one. Our team of experts has a wide design skillset and adds even more value to your product team by providing ongoing support in the backstage.
We make data-informed decisions and make sure our designs impact the bottom line of the business in line your company goals.
Amazing value
Save on employee salary, equipment and benefits. The most affordable way to get this level of design support and reduce the risk of a bad hire.
Trusted by
our partners
“Lunte's seamless integration into our daily workflow has brought about a transformative shift in our design process. Our 5+ years of collaboration has been incredibly rewarding.”
Benny Wang
Product Manager, Rinse
“Lunte is an exceptional team of creative and strategic thinkers. We felt that they were an extension of our team and truly championed the success of our business.”
Heeral Prakash
CEO/Founder, Joule
“They are very open to feedback and able to iterate on designs extremely rapidly. It is a massive benefit to a startup trying to find product-market fit and jumping between different features.”
Varun Sridhar
Product Manager, Gynger
“The team completely immerses itself in the projects we work on. They also ensure they have a great understanding of the problem that needs solving.“
Abe Anwar
Product Manager, American Dream
How we can
benefit your team
Exclusive designer
Get access to a Senior product designer to work exclusively for your team plus benefit from additional support from our team of design specialists.
Real-time support
Forget about subscriptions and request limits. Lunte Studio provides close and real-time support effectively like an-inhouse designer would.
Ongoing collaboraton
We are your companion along your entire product roadmap. Unlock an increasingly more efficient workflow over time, as we learn more about your organization and market.
Perks of partnering
with Lunte Studio
Get exclusive access to a Senior product designer to work exclusively for your team, full-time. We will sync to your organization workflow: calendar, comm channels, processes and tools.
Avoid hiring overhead and risk with long, complicated hiring processes and contracts. We can start as soon as available.
Unlock a more efficient workflow over time as we gain knowledge of the market, business priorities, team dynamics and product features.
Benefit from ongoing feedback and support from the rest of our design specialists. Get additional on-demand support as your your design needs grow over time.
A sneak peak into our daily workflow
The smartest way to empower
your founding product team
Lunte Studio
Exclusive, full-time integration into your organization.
Ongoing collaboration directly with a Lead designer.
Support from our team of design specialists (strategy, UX, UI, brand)
Extremely good value. Avoid overhead and employer costs.
Hands-off design subscriptions with a request-based model.
Async or indirect communication through intermediaries.
Requires hiring multiple professionals to access different skills.
+$120K salary plus additional employer and equipment costs.
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Get a full-time Lead designer for your organizaton, plus access to a multi-talented design team.
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Not ready to partner? Take on a more tactical approach by working on a specific product or design project.
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common Questions

Why choose Lunte Studio over a full-time designer or design agency?

You get the best of a full-time hire and a design agency and at a competitive pricing.

You will effectively get a lead designer that will work exclusively for your company as a regular full-time hire would. With Lunte Studio you don’t need to worry about tedious talent scouting, long hiring processes or extra spending on employee benefits/perks.

Also, you will get on-demand fractional design support design team at no extra cost.

We believe our “partnership” model is better than a design agency because really get to know your organization and fully immerse ourselves in your team dynamics to form genuine understanding and connection with people. We believe connecting with real people and having genuine, open communication is the key to understand business goals, and design great products and services.

What’s the Lunte Studio process like?

Schedule a call: we’d like to hear what you need. You can answer your questions and you can provide more context about what your company or team needs and what are the expectations for a lead product designer within your team.

Start collaborating: we will assign a full-time designer for your team. They will sync comms and calendar with your organization and will start working exclusively for you the same way a full-time designer would, except you don’t need to worry about equipment, benefits or perks. If this sounds too big of a commitment to you, we can start on a specific low-risk project together to see how both our teams feel and if the partnership is a good fit (we want to work with teams that feel confortable with us and viceversa).

Continue: We want to make sure our participation in your organization provides true value and you want to keep working with us on the long run. We are convinced that to achieve that we need to keep an open communication, build trust and being candid and genuine. We value long-lasting relationships and aim to achieve that with all of our partners.

We can proudly say we’ve been achieving that so far and most of our partnerships began as a word-of-mouth recommendation to our studio.

How fast is the design delivery?

This depends on each specific design task. In general, we deliver an initial iteration in 2-3 days and then iterate based on your feedback. It could be faster for more straightforward tasks or longer for fully-fledged user journeys.We know time is never too abundant for startups, so we are always making sure we spend time intelligently and focus on design tasks that will have the biggest impact.

Which software tools do you use for creating designs?

We are Figma experts, leveraging the tool for everything from ideation workshops (FigJam) to low-fidelity, high-fidelity, and final designs. We dominate Figma to generate advanced interactive, animated prototypes and create and scale design systems using components, variables, and styles. We also document everything to the pixel for a seamless, efficient engineering handoff. We adapt to your communication tools to share progress and regularly use Loom videos to showcase designs and receive feedback.

Where is your team located?

Lunte Studio LLC is formally established in the US. We are a 100% remote company, and our fantastic team is located in Argentina — which offers a great time zone to work with companies from the East Coast to the Pacific. Our current partners are primarily based in New York and the Bay Area. Being a remote-first studio, we've also collaborated with teams across many time zones, such as Israel, Ireland, and East Europe.

slots available
Become a
Lunte Studio
partner today.
Book a 15-min intro call
What to expect when we start working together.
We'll chat for a bit to get to know your startup, projects, and expectations. Then, we assign a lead designer and define a kickoff date.
The assigned designer will sync with your team calendar and comm channels. You pick the next task on your backlog, and we can start immediately.
We will help you define product requirements, provide design deliverables for your engineering team, and continue the iterative process daily.
We will suggest better processes and strategies as we learn more about the product. When you need more design muscle, add more on-demand designers from our team.