Lunte Studio merges expertise in innovation strategy, product growth, user experience, and service design to provide true value to real businesses happening in the digital world.

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Proof of Concept
Service Design
Design Thinking


Product Design
Enterprise UX
Mobile App
Web Design


Minimum Viable Branding
Brand Design System

Co-creation is at the heart of our job.
We work closely with our partners to help them design and implement the best products and services, gain traction, and hit their business goals.



We learn about your business, service, product, and users to frame the correct problems.


We brainstorm, collaborate, ideate, and refine design solutions that solve user and business needs.


We support implementation through engineering hand-off, design QA, data analysis, and A/B testing.

Our handpicked team of design professionals brings together diverse design skills to fulfill your project's needs at every stage.


We pursue business impact at every step of the process. We prioritize quality over quantity when choosing our clients.


Being a small structure lets us easily adapt to your organization’s team, practically becoming your in-house design team.


Since our beginnings, we’ve developed remote-first workflows that help us integrate and collaborate seamlessly with our partners.

Our clients

We partner with a range of startups from early stages to Series C and Scale-Ups.

What they say

Benny Wang

Product Manager

Our 5+ years of collaboration has been incredibly rewarding. Lunte's seamless integration into our daily workflow has brought about a transformative shift in our design process.

With Lunte, we have gained access to the collective genius of Lunte's diverse designers, all coordinated and streamlined through our dedicated lead designer. We've benefited greatly from this unified and effective approach to our ever growing design needs.

Varun Sridhar

Product Manager

They are very open to feedback and able to iterate on designs extremely rapidly, which is a massive benefit to a startup trying to find product market fit and jumping between different features.

Their passion for the design craft, attention to detail, and their ability to synthesize the requirements and translate them into a stunning design, has been crucial in getting us to where we are today.

Heeral Prakash

CEO / Founder

Lunte is an exceptional team of creative and strategic thinkers. They brought energy and informed ideas to our meetings, and contributed to the design of a product that addressed an actual market need.

We felt that they were an extension of our team and truly championed the success of our business.

Abe Anwar

Product Manager

The team completely immerses itself in the projects we work on and ensures they have a great understanding of the problem that needs solving.

With every project they make sure that there is clear value being delivered to our customers while also making sure our business outcomes are being met. It's an absolute pleasure to have them part of our team.

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Why Lunte?


Limited, single-person skills that may not cover all design aspects

Clear, daily communication as an in-house designer

Expensive and long hiring costs to mitigate risk

Fixed salary, benefits and perks, and equipment costs

Lunte Studio

Range of design skills based on a diverse team’s perspectives

Clear, daily communication that feels like an in-house designer

Mitigates risk through proven processes and expertise

Fixed cost-effective workflow without additional costs

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Skillset vary and may require multiple freelancers

Communication with potential language and time zone barriers

Riskier, as quality can vary and may be fewer safeguards in place

Initially cost-effective but may incur in hidden costs given hourly prices

Frequently asked questions

How is Lunte Studio different from other agencies?

Firstly, we're not an agency - we're a boutique studio. That means we're small and work closely with teams to develop solutions.We're nimble and can move fast without account managers, intermediaries, and rigid schedules. We aim to facilitate maximum collaboration between your team and the Lunte designer(s) working with you.

What are the deliverables of your process?

Different stages of the design process will yield different types of deliverables.

Understanding: UX Heuristic Audit, User Persona, Empathy Map, User Interview Report, User Surveys, Customer Journey Map, Competitive Benchmark.

Ideate: Design Studio Workshops, User Flows, Information Architecture, Card Sorting, Visual Moodboards, Wireframes, and Low-fidelity Mockups.

Materialize: High-fidelity Mockups, UI Components & Systems, Iconography, Interactive Prototypes, UI Animations, Usability Testing Reports, Development Hand-off, and implementation QA.

What type of companies do you work with?

TL;DR: We work with startups with a significant tech component.
Read more to learn how we help in each stage.

Seed Startups:
early startups can not afford to misspend time and money when building a team that will be critical in creating the right product foundations. Early startups lower the risk and investment by working with our industry-proven team that feels like having a committed in-house designer, leveraging a wider team skillset backstage, and experience across industries.

Series A/B Startups:
after getting funding, companies must grow the customer base and scale operations. A small, quick team like Lunte Studio can rapidly adapt to a startup's changing needs, including shorter time to market, leveraging our specialized expertise.

Series C and Scale-ups:
with a clear path to profitability and market domination, scale-ups leverage Lunte Studio to develop and maintain design consistency across products and platforms while providing an adaptable design workforce that can simultaneously accommodate the increased design demands to work on multiple projects.