We are a small and young team of human designers passionate about technology and innovation.

We believe products should solve businesses' and people's problems. For design to be impactful, it must be a mindset and not a mere stage in the process. Design must be methodological, iterative, and focused on data and users.

Tomás Moyano
Design QA
Nicolás Chacana
Adriana Calero
Sebastián Soldano
UI / Brand
Adriela Calviño
Pablo Gasparini
UI / Brand
Pía Granillo
César Cossio

Product design process

1. Understand

This first phase allows our team to understand the challenge we're tackling comprehensively.

We set the foundation for the entire design process by conducting research and analysis, which help us define the product scope and goals and frame what problems need solving.

2. Ideate

Exploring a diverse set of solutions that solve the problems defined in the previous stage.

We brainstorm and sketch out a range of ideas, architecture, user flows, content strategy, wireframes and lo-fi prototypes to and conduct user testing.

3. Materialize

In the last phase, we focus on refining the design solution selected from the previous stage.

This stage involves high-fidelity visual design and optimizing the user experience, use cases, interactions, components, and a systematic approach to design that fits the technical constraints imposed by software language.

We document and collaborate closely with engineers throughout this phase to ensure faithful implementation.

(Minimum viable branding)

We developed the minimum viable branding concept to provide value to very early startups that lack a visual identity, as a first step to position themselves on the market.

MVB is a fast process to define branding essentials: color, logotype and typography, that we can apply on the product with an excellent effort-to-value ratio.