We believe that excellent quality products are built with a design mindset. Lunte Studio brings companies access to design talent that can drive that vision forward.

Our Monthly Retainer is a long-term collaboration model that unlocks progressively better results. Inject a full-time designer as a member of your team, plus enrich the design process with our studio specialists working backstage.

- Highly collaborative approach.
- Constant iterative process aligned with product management and engineering.
- Benefit from additional backstage design skillset.
- Gain flexibility to adapt to scope changes.
- Flat, predictable pricing.

Monthly Retainer is great for:

Seed Startups

Early startups can not afford to misspend time and money when building a foundational team.

Early startups lower the risk and investment by working with our industry-proven studio, which feels like having a committed in-house designer, leveraging a wider team skillset and experience backstage.

Series A/B Startups

After getting funding, companies must grow their customer base and scale operations.

A small, quick team like Lunte Studio can rapidly adapt to a startup's changing needs, including shorter time to market, industry-specific knowledge, and leverage of our specialized design skillset.

Series C and Scale-ups

With a path to profitability and market domination, scaleups challenge growth and consistency.

Scaleups leverage Lunte Studio to maintain experience consistency across platforms while providing an adaptable design workforce that can accommodate the increased demands of working on multiple projects.

Short-term collaboration that help your organization tackle projects that have a defined scope and clear requirements. The studio will assign a combination of design specialists that best fits the problem to solve.

- Lower commitment model than a Partnership.
- Limited scope and fixed timeline (usually within 6 to 12 weeks).
- Tactical approach to projects with already clear requirements.
- Priced based on project scope.

One-off Projects are great for:

Early Founders

Often, the best way to pitch an idea is to have a realistic visual representation of what you envision to build. We can help define products with Proof of Concepts framed as visual and interactive prototypes that emulate actual product functionality for demos and presentations.

Large Corporations

Even with an in-house designer or design team, large corporations can benefit from working with a small, agile, yet specialized team to bring fresh and innovative perspectives to the table, access a range of design services from a single source, and reduce management overhead not worrying about hiring, onboarding, and managing individual designers.

Why Lunte?


Limited, single-person skills that may not cover all design aspects

Clear, daily communication as an in-house designer

Expensive and long hiring costs to mitigate risk

Fixed salary, benefits and perks, and equipment costs

Lunte Studio

Range of design skills based on a diverse team’s perspectives

Clear, daily communication that feels like an in-house designer

Mitigates risk through proven processes and expertise

Fixed cost-effective workflow without additional costs

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Skillset vary and may require multiple freelancers

Communication with potential language and time zone barriers

Riskier, as quality can vary and may be fewer safeguards in place

Initially cost-effective but may incur in hidden costs given hourly prices