We believe quality products are built with a design mindset. Lunte Studio brings companies access to design talent that can drive that vision forward.

Long-term collaboration model that unlocks progressively better results over time. Inject a full-time designer as a member of your team plus enrich the design process with our studio specialists working in the backstage.

- Collaborative approach.
- Keep a consistent iterative process.
- Benefit from additional design skillset depending on thee project stage.
- Gain flexibility to adapt to scope changes.
- Priced as a fixed monthly retainer.

Benefits of partnerships

Direct integration

You get a full-time lead designer that will fit right into your team's workflow: calendar, chat, plannings, etc.

Better over time

Accelerate product decision making as communication, trust, and product knowledge grow over time.

Extra team support

Your assigned Lunte designer will receive additional support design in the backstage to tackle any kind of product necessity.

Meet the team

Benny Wang

Product Manager

Our 5+ years of collaboration has been incredibly rewarding. Lunte's seamless integration into our daily workflow has brought about a transformative shift in our design process.

With Lunte, we have gained access to the collective genius of Lunte's diverse designers, all coordinated and streamlined through our dedicated lead designer. We've benefited greatly from this unified and effective approach to our ever growing design needs.

Varun Sridhar

Product Manager

The Lunte team have been wonderful partners and an integral member of our team over the last 1+ years.

They are very open to feedback and able to iterate on designs extremely rapidly, which is a massive benefit to a startup trying to find product market fit and jumping between different features.

It has truly been a collaborative and enjoyable experience working with them, and we are lucky to have them as a part of our team.

Abe Anwar

Product Manager

The team completely immerses itself in the projects we work on and ensures they have a great understanding of the problem that needs solving.

With every project they make sure that there is clear value being delivered to our customers while also making sure our business outcomes are being met. It's an absolute pleasure to have them part of our team.

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Compared to similar alternatives

Lunte Studio

Long-term benefits (trust, product knowledge)

Access to a range of design skills depending on the project stage.

Integrates with your team daily


Turn-key solution

Predictable cost

Get in touch
In-house desinger

Integrates with your team daily

Long-term benefits (trust, product knowledge)

Predictable cost

Multiple hires can be overkill for early startups

Hiring time and cost (bonus, medical, equipment, etc.)

Freelance desinger

Turn-key solution

Variable time-based pricing

Black-box design process

Hard to integrate to team

Multiple hires can be hard to manage

Short-term collaboration that help your organization tackle projects that have a defined scope and clear requirements. The studio will assign a combination of design specialists that best fits the problem to solve.

- Lower commitment model than a Partnership.
- Limited scope and fixed timeline (usually within 6 to 12 weeks).
- Tactical approach to projects with already clear requirements.
- Priced based on project scope.

Heeral Prakash

CEO / Founder, Joule Home

Lunte is an exceptional team of creative and strategic thinkers. They brought energy and informed ideas to our meetings, and contributed to the design of a product that addressed an actual market need. We felt that they were an extension of our team and truly championed the success of our business.